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People are often aware of the impact that events out of the ordinary have on children and young people, such as a natural disaster, but sometimes are less aware of the other, less obvious life experiences that may cause long-term issues for children.

What is the Trauma & Grief Network

The TGN website is a collection of knowledge and information provided by experts and practitioners in these fields to help you respond to children’s, young people’s and families’ diverse and often complex needs in the face of threats and losses. As a parent or caregiver it can be difficult to know what to do in times of great stress, when both your children’s and your own needs might be challenged. We hope that the resources on this website can help you with these challenges.

The Australian Government has recognised the importance of this opportunity to assist children, young people and their families and has provided support from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Mental Health funding.

I hope you find these resources helpful.

Beverley Raphael AM