Welcome to The Trauma and Grief Network (TGN). We are delighted to have you visit this virtual space where you can browse these excellent online resources in the field of child and adolescent trauma, loss and grief.

Who is the
network for?

The network is for everyone involved in the wellbeing and care of children and adolescents. These people include:

What does the network do?

The TGN offers resources to help caregivers understand and respond to the diverse needs of children and adolescents experiencing trauma, loss and/or grief.

Our resources include:

  • Web links to helpful service providers & organisations;
  • Latest research;
  • Easy-to-read tip sheets;
  • Information brochures;
  • Multi media links;
  • Online newsletters;
  • General interest news articles;
  • Links to social media

Why Focus on Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief?

Every year thousands of Australian children and adolescents experience adverse life events associated with loss, threat or violence.

These events may include:

  • The death of a parent or other loved ones;
  • Severe health problems;
  • Child abuse, neglect or assault;
  • Bullying;
  • Homelessness or out-of-home care;
  • Family troubles (conflict, break-ups or even violence);
  • Serious accidents and injuries;
  • Natural disasters or other major incidents.

How Can the Network Help Me and My Family?

At TGN we’ve gathered a range of resources on range of topics, all to help you cope with the trauma, loss and grief issues that your children might be going through, as well as some advice on how to keep yourself healthy too.

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