Children sometimes have experiences which may have lasting effects on wellbeing. Trauma can occur during the experience but can also take a while to show. Children who have experienced trauma may have varying reactions which may show in mood, behaviour and learning difficulties. It is important to recognise and get help for these things early to avoid long-term problems.

To assist with this, this web page has resources for helping recognise trauma in your child, information on understanding and helping your child recover from traumatic experiences.

Trauma: TGN Resources
This information sheets talks about the signs that your child may show if they have experienced a traumatic event. It talks about what you can do to help your child during this time. 
This information sheet discusses helpful ways that adults can provide support to children and adolescents immediately after a traumatic event. 
Trauma: Weblinks

National Child Traumatic Stress Network, US

This website for parents / carers contains an extensive range of information and resources relating to various types of trauma experienced by children. 
This website for parents and carers features information relating to childhood trauma as well as other information about child wellbeing. 
This website for young people and parents / carers features a range of information relating to trauma experienced by children, including disasters. 
Trauma: Multimedia

Brief Byte - Ruth Wraith on bushfire recovery

Download (1.37 MB, 3 mins) 

The importance of preparedness

Download (4.47 MB, 5 mins) 


Medium to longer-term effects of trauma after disasters

Download (9.92 MB, 10 mins)